Monday, October 24, 2011

Jalu - The Fashion Goddess of Love & Peace

When it comes to bringing back the memoirs of the youthful 70's and the bohemian style, I'm confident to say that Jalu designs by Luanne Ronquillo, is one of the most prominent labels in YYC that express these elements. First time I came across Jalu was during the spring PARK sale event. Her designs I found are often "earthy" and very much inspired by the beauty of nature. 
photos courtesy: Jalu

Oversized, avant-garde garments are displayed in many of the pieces. Instead of patterns in textile, Jalu mastered natural elements by creating unique linings from fabrics. Binzento Vincente was invited to Jalu's new collection presentation at Hedkandi past Saturday along with many fashion and fashion-related guests/potential buyers. 

While maintaining the usual Jalu's style as mentioned above, it was also interesting to see some of the designs in this new collection revealed a shift from the rigid playful look to a subtly romantic style. It almost felt like Jalu have focused bringing maturity to the current displays. The new Jalu collection though can sometimes presented as rebelliousforward-thinking, and an attempt to be different, one can in fact look closely and find it to be honest and truly full of "Love & Peace" at heart.

Binzento Vincente wore one of Jalu's signature design to the event.

Thank you Jalu for the invitation, there are a few pieces in mind that I like, so I'll definitely make my purchase soon. You can find Jalu at:

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  1. Great post Vincent. You described Jalu perfectly.

  2. Nice pictures! Love the mono, es SO lovely.

  3. Thank you Ana for your kind words. xx

  4. wow ! love the blog sweetie !
    xoxo from spain love

  5. :) Mrolez, I love your style :)
    Thank you for the sweet comments.