Saturday, October 22, 2011

Heroes Chinook/ Blo for Hope (Breast Cancer Fundraiser)

This week, YYC continued to surprise me with its effort to prove it has the potential to represent a fashion and culturally diverse community. It's been a busy Binzento Vincente week pushing my limit to cover as many as possible the interesting events happening in the city. First and foremost, I like to thank all my readers for the comments they'd submitted. Secondly, I really appreciate all the positive feedbacks I've been getting on my new column "Real People w/ Real Styles". If you haven't read, Joshua McKenney, an artist from New York is this week's "Real Style" feature. 

Heroes Chinook Customer Appreciation

Back to today's blog entry. I attended Heroes (menswear) Chinook customer appreciation party on Thursday night. In fact, I promised Calgary Fashion that I will be covering this story for them. The Calgary Fashion editors are currently in Toronto Fashion Week, which I can't wait to hear their stories when they return.
I won't be talking a whole lot about this event in this blog entry, since my full article on Heroes Chinook will be posted in Calgary Fashion website soon. However, I do want to mentioned that Heroes Chinook impressed me with their expansion of labels, including ones that are less appreciated in YYC but lived up being good quality level menswear.

Fred Perry is one of my likes in terms of casual wear and being a guy grew up in Levi's in Hong Kong, I was satisfied that they carried those in their stores.
Heroes guys: Justin; Sean; Cody

Sean Clancy is the store manager and also a fashion model, he told me that the store currently carried runway pieces and also Diesel Black Gold label, exclusively in Heroes in YYC. Every clients walked in that night received Heroes goodie bag. Live music performance by Lou Rye accompanied the party,  I even vid recorded one of his tunes :)
Lou Rye Playing

Remember to stay tuned for my Calgary Fashion article on Heroes Chinook!

Blo for Hope 

On the same night, I also attended Blo for Hope at the Sociale, a charity fundraiser for Wings of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation. The YYC based foundation was established to provide financial assistant to those undergoing breast cancer treatment at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre. Being a part of the cancer research, and also work closely to the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, I usually give my uttermost support to any sort of cancer related fundraiser event. I think the PINK in Blo really represented well for the breast cancer campaign.

The night consisted of mingling with the Blo people and of course other fashionistas and fashion/lifestyle bloggers. There were also "hair Blo" demonstrations at the lounge. All the guests were served with PINK martinis and PINK treats, and were also given Blo pink pins. I think Anna (owner of YYC Blo) did an amazing job bringing awareness of local charity to the community. For instance, I never knew about Wings of Hope until Blo mentioned it via hosting a social event. 

Being a part of this world,  I believe it is important to engage in the concept of "pay it forward", and help the less fortunate within one's ability.

I had an ammmaaazzzing time at the Bollywood Fashion Show last night. Most of it were the energy and panjabi music (…okay and booze). I pretty much danced my way out the door. Blog post on Bollywood Fashion Show is next! :) Stay-tuned.

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