Sunday, October 16, 2011

Eleven: Eleven - Fall Fashion Party; Animation Exhibition Launch Party

Eleven: Eleven - Designer Shopping Night, Fall Fashion Party

Eleven: Eleven Boutique in Kensington YYC hosted a "Fall Fashion Party" (Designer Shopping Night) Friday night at the store. It is becoming more and more enjoyable going to fashion events hosted by the local talents. I always have an amazing time mingling/chit-chatting with other fashionista. 

Although Eleven: Eleven has been around for quite some time, it was my first time actually going into the store. Right away, as soon as I walked in, I felt the heart-warming welcome. The boutique carries Canadian designer fashion and accessories, which consists the bohemian, retro and artsy vibes. I would describe the store as "Honest" and "Down to earth". "Honest" because you can tell all the merchandize are very local, and it does not hide from the fact that it's Canadian. It truly promotes the Canadian art and culture; "Down to earth" because as much as styles are important, the pieces are also very functional. You can wear their fashion pieces and go "Wow, that's neat!" but not having to feel "No I don't think I can wear that on the street". It actually reminded me a couple boutiques I visited in San Francisco and Toronto.
The "Fall Fashion Party" featured Canadian designers: Ruby Ellen Designs (one of my current likes), Pout Clothing, Cherry Chic Designs and my good-o-friend, Bano eeMee. There was also a mini-trunk sale of accessories, complementary wine and snacks located at the upper level of the store. 
As usual, Binzento Vincente correspondent KO was at the scene helping me snap photos. Other friends and fashion bloggers: Diva Lounge, Karolina's StyleInsert Calgary, Rania, Marsina of MaNoKin DesignKim Flanagan and Domingo were also there. 
Congratulations! Bano eeMee!! (models and designer Aleem Arif)

A fashion show was shown towards the end of the night. I was there especially to support my friend Aleem Arif, the golden boy behind Bano eeMee. Eleven: Eleven, great job organizing this event. Binzento Vincente will be back to pick out some accessories next visit :)
Binzento Vincente "Peace Out"

Glenbow Museum YYC Animation Exhibition: Launch Party

Binzento Vincente got an extended invite by his correspondent and film expert, KO to the launch party of the Animation Exhibition, which is currently featured at the Glenbow Museum. As much as I like fashion and science, I can not express my obsessions for animation. Growing up watching Japanese anime, and (not embarrassed to admit) Disney films, animation is a huge part of my childhood. The current exhibition is more than just cartoons, it featured the evolution of animation (dated back in the 1800's and early 1900's to present Hollywood blockbuster films). 
Hayao Miyazaki

Performance by Samantha Savage Smith

Other than Tim Burton, I was so happy that Hayao Miyazaki was also recognized at the exhibition. Canadian artist, Samantha Savage Smith guest performed on stage. I believe the animation exhibition will last until December. Also, anyone who's interested in animation and art, heads up to the upcoming Giraf Animation Festival in YYC November 2nd-6th.

Lastly, for those who are curious and wants to catch (but not creep) Binzento Vincente, below are the upcoming events you will find me :)

Breast Cancer Fundraiser
Thursday: October 20th 7:00pm-10:00pm
Ticket: $15
Sociale 606 1st Street, S.W. Calgary

Menswear Customer Appreciation Night
Thursday: October 20th 6:00pm-9:00pm
HEROES at Chinook Centre

Friday: October 21st 9:00pm to 2:00am
Ticket: $35, VIP $75
Magnolia Banquet Hall, Calgary

Saturday: October 22nd 10:00am-6:00pm
Ticket: $14
BMO Centre; Stampede Park

Oh…and Dear Readers: Happy to tell you all that the contents in all the tabs on Binzento Vincente will finally be up all by end of this week! WooT!! :) and another fashionisto will be featured on "Real People with Real Styles" this Wednesday :)

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  1. great post! we wish we was there! lovin your blog!

  2. Thank you~ It would definitely be fun to have more fashion bloggers around :)

  3. wow you seemed to have a really very busy life! i love your style btw.. and nice shots!!! xoxo, Haus of Gala

  4. @prettymeggy: Yes, I do admit I am a busy bee, but working on things with a passion makes the whole process more enjoyable. :) The shots were taken by my blog correspondent KO (Katrina Olson), she's been fantastic. We travel a lot of events together :)