Saturday, October 1, 2011

Curvy Girls Are Beautiful - Espy Experience Curvy Girls Campaign Photoshoot

YYC's grand-reopened fashion/styling boutique "Espy Experience" is holding a sweet event on October 13th called the "Curvy Party" for celebrating the beauty of curvy women and ecstatic plus size fashion. What a meaningful event, because "no matter who or what we look like, we can all be beautiful". One of the stylists of Espy: Odessa, invited Binzento Vincente to their photoshoot of curvy women fashion for their campaign…
AND…for the very first time, Binzento Vincente made a video blog (vlog moment)…(I am no director and I've never hold a cam-corder in my life, so this is a big deal for me :p).
Binzento Vincente vlog moment: Espy Experience Curvy Girls Photoshoot
(music in the video: "Is This Love" - Globe)

Though it was a cloudy/windy/cold day, we had a lot of fun shooting, along with another Espy stylist: Tianna, Photographer: Stu Robinson (Insomnia Art), Stylist: Kesar Lacroix (Kesar Designs) and our BEAAAAUUUUTIFUL curvy models: Britney and Karen. In the video, Odessa tells us her take on choosing the right fashion and style if you are a curvy lady. :) Other than the video, please also enjoy some of the shots I took during our day at the shoot! :)

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  1. I like to see real women in fashion, great that you covered this Vinny!

    -Justin :)

  2. Hey! Thanks Justin. That's what this blog is going for, the beauty in all of us. :)

  3. How do I get an invite to this event to see these beautiful clothes?!


  4. @Stephanie:

    Thanks for the interest. Please call Espy 403-457-3779 or email Tianna Stevenson at for details and place in guest list. Also, be sure to tell them that you found out about the party via my blog, Vincent Law (Binzento Vincente).

    cheers and Have a great day! :)

  5. Beautiful ladies. Thank you for posting. I'm a curvy woman, and I hope to check out those curvy clothing. Are those for sale?