Saturday, October 1, 2011

Curvy Girls Are Beautiful - Espy Experience Curvy Girls Campaign Photoshoot

YYC's grand-reopened fashion/styling boutique "Espy Experience" is holding a sweet event on October 13th called the "Curvy Party" for celebrating the beauty of curvy women and ecstatic plus size fashion. What a meaningful event, because "no matter who or what we look like, we can all be beautiful". One of the stylists of Espy: Odessa, invited Binzento Vincente to their photoshoot of curvy women fashion for their campaign…
AND…for the very first time, Binzento Vincente made a video blog (vlog moment)…(I am no director and I've never hold a cam-corder in my life, so this is a big deal for me :p).
Binzento Vincente vlog moment: Espy Experience Curvy Girls Photoshoot
(music in the video: "Is This Love" - Globe)

Though it was a cloudy/windy/cold day, we had a lot of fun shooting, along with another Espy stylist: Tianna, Photographer: Stu Robinson (Insomnia Art), Stylist: Kesar Lacroix (Kesar Designs) and our BEAAAAUUUUTIFUL curvy models: Britney and Karen. In the video, Odessa tells us her take on choosing the right fashion and style if you are a curvy lady. :) Other than the video, please also enjoy some of the shots I took during our day at the shoot! :)

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