Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bollywood Fashion Show

I was graciously invited to the Bollywood Fashion Show, which happened past Friday evening at the Magnolia Banquet Hall YYC. I didn't know much about the Bollywood fashion scene, nor have I ever been to any of their fashion events. I did however, knew that often intensive colours, such as bright red, green, yellow and gold patterns/linings are often used in their styles.  Bollywood fashion often gave me the festive energy, and full of enthusiasm. The Bollywood Fashion Show didn't disappoint me in that sense. 
Designer: Aman Dhalay doing final touches on the models.

Designer Aman Dhalay of Javeda Fashions was the main feature of the night's event. She infused the cultural East Indian fashion with modern edginess in this latest collection.  The traditional saree can be seen on the female models, with the "sparkles in your eyes" sequins decoration. My favourite piece is the blue one-shoulder evening party dress and the vibrant floral embroidered pants with an elegant combination of of Euro-inspired high waist-line coat. Aman Dhalay has the best of both East Indian and Western cultures that can consistently be seen in this collection.
 Kacey & Binzento Vincente

Rupi & Kacey

Mike Addams, Ruby Ellen and SHIFT models

This fashion show broadened my knowledge in the transition of traditional to modern Bollywood fashion. The organization team really worked hard this time and did an excellent job promoting this event to the community beyond the Indian culture. It brightened our sense of fashion and it's always nice to see something that's different. 
Rupi with our special guests (celebs) of the night

The night ended with an authentic Punjabi club DJ mix party. Guest performers of the night included UK celebrity DJ Punjabi MC, Artist Jessie Manak, DJ Gagan Rehill, and Solomon. Binzento Vincente had a great time dancing his night away! 

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  1. I knew Bollywood was going to be the inspiration someday, rather than being simply inspired...
    The Bollywood fashion are the best Fashion Statement even among Fashion Designers.