Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Suno S/S 2012 - New York Fashion Week: A Modern Fairytale Collection

Correspondent KO for Binzento Vincente was on an assignment last week to New York Fashion Week. As I mentioned from my previous post, we will be covering S/S 2012 collection from Suno.
Ms. KO and fashionista Rania attended the Suno runway show at Milk, while I was attending the Fabricated event here at YYC. We were busy texting eachother via our WhatsApp detailing each of our events as the night went on.
Binzento Vincente correspondents KO & lovely friend Rania

Suno, having been nominated recently for the CDFA/Vogue Fashion Fund, segregated itself from their usual colorful textiles and vibrant prints to something more neutral and softer tone.
Known for their intense visual effect, designers of Suno, Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty have launched a more functional collection this season.
The 40’s and 60’s looks were evident. Though not surprising, their expertise in fabric could be seen in each of the pieces.
A blend of cultural elements, a signature of Suno, was retained. This collection had set the standard based on functionality, and could gain wider audience or buyers.
Plaid shirts, strapped floral dresses, and long loose-fitted pants gave models a ladylike character as they walked gracefully along the runway. The simple make-up and unified hair styles were good choices not to steal the focus of the collection.
With the constant bache, sky blue and white combinations in the collection, a sudden metallic red/gold layer in one of the pieces triggered an eclectic sense from the mono-toned effect. I especially liked the gown piece that looked very similar to a Chinese “QiPao”. It reminded me of scenes inspired by the 40's from film director Wong Kar Wai and his movies "In the Mood of Love" and "2046".
Suno designers: Erin Beatty & Max Osterweis with KO: a photo for Binzento Vincente

KO got to meet Suno designers and I was thrilled she represented Binzento Vincente. They even took a picture! I was surprised to see this collection doesn't have the usual Suno complex colourful styles, but their focus on creating a graceful and modern twist in this fairytale-like collection made me enjoy it none-the-less.

PS: The red necklace KO was wearing to New York Fashion Week was by our YYC's very own Anne b. Accessories. Her necklace got lots of attention and was photographed by attendees at the fashion week. Great news for Anne b. and our local designers!!

Special thanks to KO and Rania for the photos. Fabulous job ladies! much much much love!

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