Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Suno at New York Fashion Week/ D.W at YYC Pride 2011/ Interview with Yantara Jiro

Hello! :) I hope everyone had a great Labor Day Holiday. Thankfully with the beautiful weather, major events this weekend ran pretty smoothly.

Today's blog stories:
(1) Preview to Binzento Vincente's blog about Suno at the upcoming New York Fashion Week.
(2) D.W the "star" designer for YYC Pride 2011.
(3) Interview with fashionista inspirational speaker Yantara Jiro.

(1) Suno at New York Fashion Week

My beloved friend/photographer of Binzento Vincente, Katrina Olson (KO), will be on an assignment for this blog and travel all the way to New York City this week to get the latest scoop of the upcoming Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week.

Since Binzento Vincente admires new and up-rising fashion designers, this blog and KO will be specifically covering fashion label: Suno by Max Osterweis, at the New York Fashion Week.
Suno Collection (Photo courtesy: Suno)

Suno has everything that I love: advant garde styles, vibrant colors, and a mass full of cultural elements. Suno also delivers an artistic vision from the designer, Max Osterweis, who was a screen/film writer before becoming a fashion designer few years ago. No wonder even Michelle Obama picked his collection.
Suno S/S 2012 Resort (Photo courtesy: Suno)

As a frequent traveler to Kenya, Africa, Mr. Osterweis collected the local textiles and fabrics, and by combining the Kenyan cultural element, he transformed their fashion into something modern and artistic.
 Suno F/W 2011 (Photo courtesy: Suno)

In addition to the African inspired theme, I can sense that there are other familiar elements incorporated into Suno’s designs. These elements include Japanese styles that very much reminded me of Issey Miyake back in the old days, retro 70’s bohemian look and a hint of British/Euro edges.
Designer of Suno: Max Osterweis (Photo courtesy: Seed and Fruit)

I cannot wait to hear what KO comes back with at the New York Fashion Week with Suno. KO will also have some mingling time with Mr. Osterweis. This blog is fortunate to be able to cover the story. :)

(2) D.W – The Official Clothier for YYC Pride 2011

Past Sunday was the 2011 Pride weekend in YYC. This had to be one of the biggest pride events in history thus far in Calgary. This definitely proved the city had grown geographically AND liberality. Mayor Nenshi was the first city mayor that participated event, and Calgarians were proud to have such an open-minded leader in the city.
 Calgary (YYC) Pride 2011; Mayor Nenshi: One of the Most Intriguing People of Today as described by CNN)
Music by duo: Boy & Girl

D.W Designs was the official clothing supplier for this year’s pride. Binzento Vincente, a big fan of D.W will not miss the opportunity to support. I met D.W designer Daryl White, wearing the custom made “D.W for Binzento” jean vest, at his T-shirt booth. 
D.W for Binzento Vincente

Mischa & D.W Daryl White

Many people had gathered and purchased his famous slogan: “You Hated Me In High School But Now I'm F*cking Fabulous!”. The T-shirts were $25 a piece, I think it’s totally worth to get one J

(3) Meeting and interview with fashionable vocal healer: Yantara Jiro

Sunday I also met up with an inspirational speaker/vocal healer: Yantara Jiro. Jiro travelled all over the world and at least ten different countries a year to give inspirational speeches and one-on-one consultation for people who were interested in vocal healings. His philosophy was that "music and sounds are a form of reflection of consciousness". He hopes that through sounds, he could help people to cope with stress and difficult matters in life and bring a sense of peace in mind, heart and spirit.
Binzento Vincente spending the day with Yantara Jiro

Needless to say, Jiro is one of the most fashionable inspirational speakers I’d met. Even when he went horseback riding in Banff, got some pretty shots. He said that he loves Japanese fashion and usually shop there during his visits. He also mentioned that he had plans on recording a music album in Japan in the near future.
Yantara Jiro

…and finally, "Get Fabricated 2012" fashion show event will be coming this Thursday!! Stay tune on Binzento Vincente for full coverage :) Please:

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