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Monique Lhuillier S/S 2012: New York Fashion Week/ Fairchild Television TVB Celebrities Fans Party/ CIFF/ Congratulating Adolfo Sanchez

WOOOOT! So many things I like to talk about for this blog entry!

(1) Monique Luillier S/S 2012 at New York Fashion Week
(2) Fairchild Television/TVB Celebrities Fans Party 2011 (YYC Stop)
(3) Upcoming Calgary International Film Festival
(4) Adolfo Sanchez: New Creative Director for Queen Grace! 

(1) Monique Luillier S/S 2012 at New York Fashion Week (covered by correspondent KO and Rania)

I am so pleased that correspondent KO was able to represent Binzento Vincente to cover some of the fashion events at the New York Fashion Week. She was working diligently to scope details from specific designers in New York while I was also putting extra effort in trying to find interesting stories in YYC to cover.
Binzento Vincente photographer: Rania

Subsequent to the Suno collection, KO attended the Monique Lhuillier S/S 2012 fashion show along with our new photographer Rania. They spotted quite a few Fashionista on the street of NYC as they stroll along in their outfits/accessories by Moschino, Alice and Olivia and Alexander McQueen and enter one of the most spectacular fashion shows by Monique Luiller.
Rania & KO

KO also met Tim Gunn from popular TV show Project Runway.
The ladies with THE Tim Gunn

Monique Lhuillier is most prominant for her bridal fashions design. Born in the Philippine, her talent had gained her success in fashion industry and acknowledged by some of Hollywood’s A-listed celebrities. In 2006, she also won a Medal of Honor from the Philippine president, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for her extraordinary work.
Designer: Monique Lhuillier (photo courtesy:

Her S/S collection attracted many celebrities including Eddie Cibrian with Leanne Rimes, Rose McGowan, Mandy Moore and Julianne Hough
At the Monique Lhuillier Show: Top: Eddie Cibrian & Leanne Rimes; Rose McGowan
Bottom: Mandy Moore & Julianne Hough
When I first saw the collection, three words that I can think of to describe it were: “glamorous”, “fresh” and “confident”. Monique had expanded herself as an expert in bridal dress to a fabulous designer of cocktail dresses. The 1950’s silhouette mostly inspired the collection. The use of bright primary colors: red, blue and yellow gave these dresses a “fresh” accent. Added was the simple use of black and white contrast to highlight the beautiful figure of the models. The dresses also made the ladies looked chic with “confident”, youthful and elegant.
The S/S 2012 of Monique Luillier could be considered as an “all purpose” collection. You can’t go wrong wearing these dress at red-carpet event, cocktail parties or even just…wear them during the day, just because you feel “glamorous”.

(2) Fairchild Television/TVB Celebrities Fans Party 2011
 Binzento Vincente with Matthew Ko, Joyce Tang and Queenie Chu

Speaking of celebrities, I also met a few here in YYC during the time KO was covering NYFW. If you follow Hong Kong/Chinese entertainment, or watch their TV drama series, you would definitely know them. Matthew Ko, Joyce Tang and Queenie Chu from Hong Kong Television Broadcast (TVB) came last week in Canada to meet fans and promote their upcoming TV series aired on Fairchild Television. YYC was their last stop of the tour. Binzento Vincente, along with Mary from Fairchild TV Vancouver and Hubert hosted live at Jack Singer Concert Hall. There was a press conference, and numerous fans showed up for autographs and photos. The show was overall a success, all three stars: Matthew, Joyce and Queenie were really friendly and gave YYC audience one of the most memorable experience.
photo courtesy: Fairchild Television

Queenie Chu signing autographs for fans (photo courtesy: Fairchild Television)

with Hubert, Christine, Mary

Binzento Vincente & Carlos Douh

YouTube sensation Carlos Douh (known for his famous YouTube channel segments: Learning Cantonese with Carlosdouh! from Vancouver was also a special guest at the event. His segment was one of the most entertaining parts of the night. Although I knew Carlos have a huge fan base in Vancouver and Hong Kong, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw so many YYC fans came up to him and asked him for photos/autographs. “Carlos! I totally felt I was being overshadowed when I stood beside you! lol..” Carlos and I had a great time hanging out that day; we even talked about some of his new YouTube video ideas. I can’t wait for his return to YYC.

(3) Calgary International Film Festival

September 23rd to October 2nd is the annual Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF). Binzento Vincente and his +1, KO were invited to the CIFF Media Insider Event at Wurst couple days ago.
On me that day: Tee: Frankie Morello; Coat: Izzue; Hat: Yohiji Yamamoto (Y-3); Pants: Vblak; Shoes: Adidas

Binzento Vincente correspondent KO

This year’s line-up of movies looked more interesting for my taste compared to last year’s. I’ve already made a list of shows that I am going to go watch! Please visit: for the listing and showtimes. I doubt that Binzento Vincente’s fashion blog will talk about movies but I am sure Ms. KO will be covering some of them in her film blog. So stay-tune in HER blog!

(4) Congratulations to Adolfo Sanchez

Everyone has been asking me…"Where did you get the bling-cassette tape necklace?" In fact, Hong Kong actress Queenie Chu asked me during the show at backstage "where you got it from?" and "who was the designer?" The answer to that question is none other than fab Adolfo Sanchez. LA, California based Adolfo had launched his collection before in YYC a year ago. 
Designer: Adolfo Sanchez

Recently, Adolfo Sanchez had been appointed by Marina Zelner, founder of plus size label Queen Grace Collection, to be the new creative director! 
"Queen Grace Collection has experienced unprecedented growth in the industry," said Zelner. "We wanted an amazing, high-fashion designer working for the brand that shared our vision of empowering women and celebrating their strengths - no matter what size. We are thrilled to be working with him."

CONGRATULATIONS to Adolfo Sanchez! Binzento Vincente is a big supporter and I hope to see your new line of collection for Queen Grace very soon!

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