Friday, September 30, 2011

Fashionsign - A Proud YYC Magazine Had Finally Launched!

I can't believe today is the last day of September, and comes October 1st very soon. I'd been getting many supportive comments/messages about my previous "guest blog" for The Girl With The Messy Hair. Thank you very much. Based on these positive feedbacks…I am considering doing more "style posts"? ehe Anyway, here's a magazine I like to talk about in this blog entry:
YYC very own Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine: Fashionsign has finally launched! This magazine can be purchased as digital or printed copy online. What's exciting is that Binzento Vincente was selected and featured as "The Blogger of the Issue". It's such an honour and thank you Fashionsign for all the support and compliments on the direction of this blog.
Binzento Vincente with model Rayna at Fashionsign Launch Party Event
On me that night: Shirt collar choker: Prada; Military shirt: D^BLJU:; Pants: a.y.k.
Photographer: Chuck Szmurlo

Binzento Vincente on "Blogger of the Issue" in September issue of Fashionsign Magazine

I have to praise the ladies behind creating this magazine. I know they had to over-come many obstacles and contributed a lot of their time and effort to put together the Fashionsign. Nothing is perfect, and neither is this published magazine, but their passion towards the fashion industry and dedication to the community are the driving force to success. I personally bought both the digital and printed copies, because their dreams touched my heart. Glancing the magazine, I can feel every drop of pure honesty in every page, every photo and every word. Of course, there is always room for improvement, but the imperfection also placed a smile on my face, because every sections or stories were relevant to my current life, and a reminder that YYC is one of my homes.
The ladies that made Fashionsign Magazine happened.

Before the official magazine launch, there was a Fashionsign Magazine Pre-launch Party at Stoneworx Gallery Art Central YYC. As usual, I see my fashionista and fashion blogger friends at the event.
…and met some new friends as well…
The celebration of Fashionsign with the Fashionsign cake and cupcakes made by SWIRL
The event ended with fashion shows by Canadian boutique Studio Intent,
Model Xia Martens in Studio Intent merchandise

…and designs by Chantel Traub, who does all the patterning and colours for her own fabric. I finally got to meet her in real person and she is absolutely a beautiful/talented young lady. Other than the amazing architecture work on her pieces, I enjoyed seeing the spring/summer vibes in her collection. The outfit the model was wearing on the cover of the new issue of Fashionsign Magazine was actually one of Chantel's work of art. I wish that someday Binzento Vincente will have a designer/blogger collaboration. 
Designer: The beautiful and talented Chantel Traub

The Fashionsign afterparty was at Ubu lounge. It was indeed an awesome night. I wish Fashionsign continue their success and I look forward to reading more future issues.

I like to take my time here to mention a great film I'd really like this year at the Calgary International Film Festival. "The Skin I Live In" by Almodovar starring Antonio Bandaras and Elana Anaya
This film is a Sci-Fi, Thriller, Romance, Erotic, Perversion, Sexual Confusion and Dark Comedy all blend into one major masterpiece. Highly recommended. Thanks to KO for suggesting watching this film tonight at the Film Festival. She will be writing a review for this film on her blog soon so please check it out. Being in a science background and research major, I can somehow relate myself in several scenes in the film. Not going to spoil the story here, and I am sure you will probably go wiki it anyway. 

Lastly, starting next week, a NEW column called Real People With Real Style will be on Binzento Vincente. This column will feature interesting people I know with style in everyday life (and not necessarily someone in the fashion industry), and their "point-of-view" in fashion and personal style. Stay-tuned and keep checking! I am also accepting submission for anyone who thinks they are stylish or have a say about fashion! Please email me at if you are interested in being featured!!

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  1. Love your outfit at the Fashionsign Launch Party, really cool! More style posts definitely please :)

  2. @girlinthelens: Thank you! :) Yes, I am considering doing a style post once in a while now. I was browsing your blog. I love the contents :)

  3. You are so sweet! Loved your heels that night too! :)