Monday, September 19, 2011

Church My Style: Fashion and Lifestyle with "Skinny Bitch" Kim Barnouin

Ever experience one morning you woke up and looked at yourself in the mirror and said: "I look like sh*t!"? I know I have. However, overtime I learned that my psychology was mostly affected by my personal lifestyle choices. Ever since I cut back all the bad habits that does harm to my body and reevaluate my diet (especially when I became a vegetarian), I felt more positive as a whole. I am not a preacher and am not going to tell people to convert into a vegetarian, but I figured feeling positive requires me to learn how to take care myself.
Jason Krell Communications teamed up with Kim Flanagan, hosted the "Church My Style" event past Sunday at Hotel Arts YYC. This event focused on inspiring people to "Learn about themselves" and "Learn how to take care of their mind and body". It's a "religious gathering" for Fashion, Lifestyle and Well being
Kim Flanagan & Jason Krell

Kim Barnouin

Kim Barnouin

Kim Barnouin and Food Network contributor Dan Clapson

Special guest of this event was Kim Barnouin, one of the authors for New York Best Seller: "Skinny Bitch". For those who haven't heard of the book, the content advocates vegan diets, anti-animal cruelty and the dark secrets behind factory farming. Most importantly, it entailed Kim Barnouin's transformation in living a positive, healthy lifestyle. 
Other books Kim Barnouin co-wrote include: "Skinny Bitch in Kitch", "Skinny Bitchin", "Skinny Bitch Bun in the Over", "Skinny Bastard" and her first solo work (cook book) "Skinny Bitch Ultimate Everyday Cookbook". Despite Kim Barnouin said she's 42 and wore a simple long-sleeve grey tee and jeans that day, she was still glowing with natural beauty. I also greeted Kim Barnouin briefly and we both agreed that "you can't be lazy to be healthy".

People  Spotted!
Rania & KO

KD (The Girl With The Messy Hair) and Alykhan Velji

Espy Stylist: Clark Whetstone

Insert Calgary ladies: Chelsey and Ivanka (cute matching outfits!)

Fashionable: Mr. David Stewart

What I wore: Tank: 2cm; Vest: Tsumori Chisato; Zip Up Sweater: Jeremy Scott for Adidas; Jeans: Levi's
Thank you KD (The Girl With The Messy Hair) for taking these photos!

Trunk Sale!

The morning also began with a light but elegant brunch, trunk sales, fashion show and live music performed by Jocelyn Alice. She had an amazing voice! Words can't described her vocal talents, unless you listen to her music. She said she will be launching her album in next couple months or so. I also loved her and her guitarist styles. At this event, Ms. KO brought one of her previous Anatamoto (check blog) paintings to display. Lovely.
Performance by stylish Jocelyn Alice

The clothes at the fashion show were modelled by everyday women in different ages, sizes and status (they even had couple mom-soon-to-be models :)). It signifies that "all women are beautiful and beauty shines within". Sponsors of the outfits and styles include Banana Republic, Nine West Shoes, Anne b. Accessories, Evelyn Charles, Espy Experience, and Artists Within.
Backstage Lara Presber getting ready for the show

Kim Barnouin signing autographs for Binzento Vincente correspondent KO

The event ended with fashion designer Lara Presber showcasing her collection. Just like at the Parkluxe (check blog) event, Lara put up a good show.
Thank you Kim Flanagan for the invite and also Jason Krell for organizing this meaningful event.

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  1. Vincent! (so what does Benzento mean?)I have been a veggie all my childhood and now I am a "part time" veggie! :) Also I have that skinny bitch book.. It's a good read but I think it's way too extreme. Litterally would take over your life? WATCHING EVERYTHING you eat!? No thanks but I do agree you do feel better/cleaner meat free.

  2. Hi dressedbydammy,

    I like both Japanese and European fashion designs. Binzento is literally Vincent in Japanese, and Vincente is just Vincent in Latin (so…Vincent Vincent) haha I know…original hey?

    Anyways, I agreed that some vegan diets are very restricted and it's not for everyone. The most important point is to keep a balance diet; I prefered more veggies over meat (but I am a vegetarian now). Reduced sugar/salt intake and regular exercise. Living healthy really stems from your lifestyle. Personally, I believe that also directly connects to your mental health.


    Binzento Vincente

  3. Love your post, hun! I may not be a full vegetarian but I live with people who are so Church was really enlightening!