Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Midwest Experience/ Bix7/ Uniqlo style

I can't believe it's been a week since I updated my blog. My vacation is great so far even though I am overwhelmed with the amount of things I wanted to do in such a short period of time. First of all, I like to congratulate D.W (Daryl White) on his t-shirt collection launch last Sunday at Club Sapien. From what I saw in all the picture posts, it looked like the event was a big success and lots of fun. :)

I am beginning to feel a little home-sick, and I miss my folks back in Calgary. Since a week and a half ago, I'd been traveling through the midwest cities (Chicago, Quad Cities, Effingham and Metropolis). It's a rare occasion  that I travel to these places in the U.S and I admit that I did enjoyed my experience and learned alot there. 

Chicago was one of my favourite cities in the midwest. I loved the Millenium Park and the Art Museum in the downtown area. I picked up a couple fashionable pieces at nearby shops, which I thought they will be perfect for photoshoot ideas. 
Downtown Chicago: Millenium Park and Art Museum

Next, I went to the Quad Cities and attended their largest annual "run" event. The Bix7 run is one of the top three largest non-marathon run in the United States. Participants from all over the country and some foreigners can choose to either do a 2-mile or a 7-mile run. What's neat about this event is that children can also take part in it in a Junior Bix run. I've heard that many people would train weeks prior to the actual event. Watching it had inspired me wanting to train and enter for the next year's Bix7. :)
Quad Cities annual Bix7 run

After the Quad Cities, we started our driving journey to Orlando. We'd made a couple stops on the way, one of them was a town called Effingham. The reason why I am talking about this town is because of this HUGE cross we came across. It scared me a little when I first saw it.
Effingham's famous The Cross Foundation Large Christian Cross (photo by: Andrew Tollerud)

I never knew that Superman's hometown Metropolis actually do exist until I went there. Small little town, and of course the main attraction there is probably the Superman museum and stores. I bought a few late-superman comic books there, which all had gold sticker label that says: "Officially Superfied, A Supernir of Metropolis Illinois, Home of Superman"
Metropolis City: Home of Superman

Before traveling to the midwest, everyone's been telling me that I have to experience true American style deep dish pizza there. So...I did, and I also went to a few really American style food chains and restaurants, which I couldn't find in Canada. Some of these includes Pequod's Pizza, Hungry Hobo, Whitey's, Happy Joe's and Culver's. Lots of cheese, and lots of sweets…I think I've already gained a few lbs.
The weather there was definitely much hotter and humid than Calgary. I've been wearing lots of shorts and white tops to cool off. Andrew Tollerud, my lovely travel companion on this trip who recently came back from Japan and bought me some Uniqlo clothing. I really loved the Tsunami relief "Save Japan!" celebrities and Uniqlo collaboration t-shirts. I've been wearing them throughout my midwest leg of the trip. Thank you so much Andy! :)
Midwest casual wear on me: Uniqlo; American Apparel; Club Monaco; Adidas; Levi's; H&M

I am currently in Florida now as my second leg of my U.S tour. Hot and sunny weather is absolutely not an issue here. See you guys in the next blog entry on my Florida trip!

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