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“Kouklitas” by Andrew Yang: New York’s Finest Translation of Fashion into Playfulness

This time in New York, other than visiting the Alexander McQueen exhibition, another major reason why I travelled there was to pick up a custom made “Kouklita designed by Andrew Yang.
Andrew Yang and Kouklitas

“Kouklitas”, are extraordinary and innovative 27” rag dolls designed and hand-made by the talented Andrew Yang. 
Kouklitas designer Andrew Yang. (Photo Courtesy: Kouklitas website)

What makes these rag dolls so special is that they are beautifully dressed in detailed runway fashions, like Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, Comme des Garcons, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Celine and Balenciaga. Each Kouklita also displays a unique facial expression, bringing out its character. Both clothing and face paints are all hand made and done by Andrew himself.
Proenza Schouler Kouklita; Lanvin Kouklita
Marc Jacobs Kouklita; Ann Demeulemeester and Givenchy Kouklita
(Photo courtesy: The Fashionistador)

In merely 3 years (since 2008), Andrew's Kouklita dolls have already made its way to both fashion and art industries. It was featured in VOGUE MAGAZINE, The New York Times, Doll Reader, DOLLS Magazine, and international publications of Elle, Marie Claire, and Harpers Bazaar. With this kind of publicity, these dolls  soon became one of the most sought after “fashion accessories”. In fact, my very first exposure to Andrew’s work was actually in Hong Kong’s Joyce boutique when I visited a while back. Furthermore, his current line of dolls can also be found in Barney’s across America.
Model with Alexander McQueen Kouklita. (Photo courtesy: Kouklitas website)

From reading various blog posts, I became overwhelmingly interested with Andrew’s work, so I contacted him and requested a custom doll.  Andrew and I exchanged emails a few times, and I was very pleased that we shared the same passion and interest.
Martin Margiela S/S 09 Wig Coat

I wanted my runway Kouklita to be something inspired by me and also unique to Andrew’s current line of work. We both agreed that a Kouklita wearing a Martin Marqiela S/S 2009 collection,  “The Wig Coat” might turn out gorgeous.  AND indeed, she WAS SPECTACULAR! 
My Martin Margiela Kouklita!!!!!

I personally paid his studio a little visit to pick up Miss Margiela Kouklita. As soon as I walked in, I could see her sitting on a chair, with Andrew Yang’s dust bag behind her, waited to go travel with me. Unfortunately, Andrew left on a business trip on a short notice, but I was equally thrilled to meet his studio manager Jillian Carrozza.
Gorgeous Kouklitas at the studio -----> Look how detailed those McQueen heels are!

We spent a good afternoon chit-chatting, and getting to know eachother. Looking at the studio gives me the opportunity to solidly feel how each Kouklita was born.

Kouklita-land! The birthplace of Fashionista Kouklitas!
A busy day at the studio

I could feel the amount of creative energy in this room. Everyone was so friendly and I am very grateful to have Andrew and his team to create this beautiful Margiela doll for me. THANK YOU!
With studio manager Jillian Carrozza
with Kouklita teammate Qiu Qiu

Andrew’s stories have been told by me to my colleagues numerous of times. I hope that next time Andrew and I will finally meet and exchange more creative ideas.
Andrew and his “Kouklita-land” teammates are currently busy working on several projects! Not only are they collaborating with clients in Japan, they are also invited to organize an Andrew Yang Kouklitas exhibition in Paris coming this fall. I will try to keep everyone posted on this remarkable event :-)
In the meantime, Miss Margiela Kouklita will live happily at my home :)

I like to once again thank you Andrew Yang for his work. Jillian Carrozza for her hospitality and Qiu Qiu for spending her time with me at the studio.

For more info about Andrew Yang Kouklita dolls, please visit Kouklitas website: 

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