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Will & Kate - Royal Tour 2011 - Calgary Highlights

The past weekend must've been one of the most exciting weekends of the year in Calgary. The Royal Tour 2011, where Prince William and Princess Kate (The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) made their way to Calgary as the final destination to end their 11 days Royal Tour in Canada. Many Calgarians were determined to get a glimpse of the Royalties. They waited for hours couple days prior for wrist bands that allows them to stand in the public viewing pool. There were five major places/events that the Royal Couple had scheduled to attend. I was very fortunate to be able to represent my media network to do coverage for The Royal Tour.

Not to spoil any footage or story for the upcoming show, this blog will only entail the highlights of their tour and of course, the fashion Kate was wearing. :-)
On day 1 of Calgary's visit, William and Kate arrived at the Calgary International Airport by a chopper. William wore a navy suit and red tie, while Kate wore a simple but very elegant yellow dress by Jenny Packham. The couple were presented with a white hat, which they didn't wear right away and were on their way to the medical research facility W21C of The University of Calgary. It was really windy day, Kate literally had to hold her dress the hold time.
It was later revealed that day during the BMO Centre Reception where William and Kate "wowed" the crowd with the signature Calgary's white cowboy hats. They purposely saved it for that moment. They also wore the hats again during day 2 Calgary visit at the Stampede Parade. Personally, I think Prince William and Princess Kate totally pulled-off the western cowboy/girl look. 
The last major outfit Kate wore in Calgary was this beautiful Scarlet Marianne coat-dress by Catherine Walker. William wore similar well tailored suit at the Official Departure Ceremony at Challenger Rotary Park. I like how Kate would wear designs that seemed simple but still could ensemble it gorgeously.
Reporters from around the world did the coverage of The Royal Tour. Some have traveled since Will & Kate arrived in the east-coast. I also met a journalist who also did a story on the Royal Couple's wedding. CTV-eTalk Tanya Kim was standing beside me at the media pool. eTalk has been one of my favourite Canadian entertainment shows.
eTalk Tanya Kim and me

I noted an "army theme" to this year's Stampede Parade event…Probably because The Duke is also in the military. However, I do wish to see more FUN and interesting floats
More soldier pictures at Challenger Rotary Park
The Duke of Cambridge (William) spoke with some of the soilders at Challenger Rotary Park

…and also important people:
Canada Prime Minister: Stepher Harper & Mrs. Laureen Harper; Calgary Mayor: Naheed Nenshi & Mayor Nenshi's sister

The Royal Couple left Calgary this afternoon to LA for 3 more days. It was a busy but memorable weekend. Right now I got a serious sunburn from standing in the sun for hours doing coverage past two days…feeling itchy while typing this blog :-S
Finally, this is totally off-topic. I recently did my bangs up…I haven't seen myself without bangs covering my forehead in years :-P

Photo credits: Vincent Law and Ivan Ho
**Special thanks to my media crew and Ivan Ho for capturing some great photos!

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