Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Elizabeth Anne - "Purse and Shoes in one"

Here is a concept that might have been in our imagination for a very long time. In fact, it reminded me of scenes from "femme fatale" or female assassin movies where beautiful ladies hide their deadly weapons in their……boots. 
Elizabeth Anne Shoes recently launched a collection where ladies can keep an eye on things closer inside their boots. As curious as it may sound, Elizabeth Anne's "Purse n' Boots" brought the concept of "functional style" to life. 
Designer Elizabeth Anne explained that the idea of "purse inside boots" came up because when she goes out (whether was to a bar or a dance party), she found it inconvenient to carry items in hands. In addition (I bet a lot of us have experienced), things often get lost when you have a few drinks (Just listen to the lyrics and watch Lady GaGa's "Just Dance"). Hence, this inspired her to create a "shoe purse", where you can store personal belongings in places where you know you will never leave behind (well hopefully). The Purse n' Boots two-in-one concept not only can make life easier, the boots themselves looked very sexy AND stylish.
The current designs of these boots, one of them contains card holder slots where you can store photo ID's, credit cards and driver's license and the other contains a pocket for securing a cell-phone and prevent it from being lost.
The boots are made out of genuine leather. Besides the practicality of these boots, another aspect I like about them is that they looked fashionable. The signature Elizabeth Anne Butterfly adds a playful flare to a semi-formal look, making these boots suitable for women of all ages. Although Purse n' Boots have only been launched about 6 months ago, it already caught people and media's attention. Elizabeth Anne said Purse n' Boots will soon be sold at local boutique stores as early as this fall. She is currently taking orders online. For more info about Elizabeth Anne's Purse n' Boots, please visit the website: and also the Facebook page:
Designer of Purse n' Boots: Elizabeth Anne

I like to thank Elizabeth Anne for the brief interview and sharing her lovely ideas.

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