Friday, July 29, 2011

D.W for Binzento/ D.W presents 31:07

I am currently in the mid-west (Chicago, Quad City and Moline) as a part of my travel this month. It's been a pleasant trip so far and I have never been to this part of the United States before. It is unfortunate that I am not attending some of the events that are happening next week in Calgary. One I like to mentioned is the D.W presents 31:07 event that is happening this coming Sunday night at Club Sapien.

To congratulate D.W's growth and success over the past season in the local fashion industry, I decided to bring his custom piece D.W for Binzento with me on this trip to show it off on the streets of Chicago and Quad City.
I have personally requested D.W to design a special piece for the blog Binzento Vincente (D.W for Binzento). Designer of D.W, Daryl White have created this jean-vest piece based on the concept showcased at the F/W 2011 Alberta Fashion Week. The thing I liked most about this jean-vest is the quality, especially the studs work and bleached out letters. It added Binzento Vincente's vision of creativity without taking away the unique D.W style.
On me: jean-vest: D.W Design; scarf: Necklush; jeans: Levi's

I will be wearing this piece to an event tonight, which I am quite sure it will be a topic of conversation of the evening. I like to thank Daryl White for his time and creativity. This is definitely a time-less piece for Binzento Vincente and will be made into the blog archive.
D.W designer Daryl White (photo courtesy: Avenue Magazine Calgary Style Stalker)
D.W F/W 2011 Collection AFW (photo courtesy: Numa Blog)

This Sunday's D.W 31:07 event is a side project of D.W to showcase custom/unisex/eco-friendly graphic T-shirts all hand-made from recycled materials. In addition, this event is for a charity and proceeds are donated to The Kids Help Phone.

After mid-west, I will be heading to Orlando and New York City. Stay-tuned for more stylish updates!

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