Monday, July 18, 2011

Adrian Grenier/ Evan Ferrante: Teenage Paparazzo

Have you ever wonder what's the life like as paparazzi? Celebrities may dislike them for their constant harassment and invasion of their privacy, but ironically, paparazzi plays an important role to maintain celebrity statuses. 
The past weekend Teenage Paparazzo was screened at the Glenbow Museum, Calgary. The event was organized by Madflower Creative (Nico Bacigalupo). Teenage Paparazzo is a HBO documentary directed and written by TV show Entarouge star Adrian Grenier and co-produced by Evan Ferrante. Both of them arrived Calgary for the screening event, which followed by a Q&A session and press conference. I attended to both for my Alberta Report segment.
Adrian Grenier and Evan Ferrante during Q&A and press conference

The story follows a 13 year-old teenage boy who became one of the most well known paparazzi in Hollywood. Adrian Grenier in the documentary tries to understand the reason behind society's "celebrity obsession" in perspectives of both paparazzo and celebrity. The idea or concept was no doubt interesting, but personally I found several things that were not clearly addressed. One of them was Adrian's stance on paparazzi. During the film, Adrian began to appreciate the risk and danger paparazzi (the teenage paparazzo: Austin) had to face to make a living, but towards the end of the film, I got the impression that he was trying to change Austin's point of view as a paparazzo. Anyways, not to spoil the whole story, I downloaded the film on iTunes and it was still quite fun to watch. :) You can also read a comprehensive review written by lovely Katrina Olson
with Adrian Grenier; with Evan Ferrante

I liked this colour of Adrian's sneakers

Katrina Olson (My fav photographer and friend); with The Girl With The Messy Hair KD; with Fela Waddy

Kym Crothers and Nico Bacigalupo (Madflower Creative) Special thanks for organizing Teenage Paparazzo event.

After the event, The Girl With The Messy Hair and I hung out a little bit. She also took some photos for me. (Thanks KD!)
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  1. Had fun at Joey's and taking photos with you x

  2. Thanks KD! We will have to do it more often. Much love.