Friday, July 29, 2011

D.W for Binzento/ D.W presents 31:07

I am currently in the mid-west (Chicago, Quad City and Moline) as a part of my travel this month. It's been a pleasant trip so far and I have never been to this part of the United States before. It is unfortunate that I am not attending some of the events that are happening next week in Calgary. One I like to mentioned is the D.W presents 31:07 event that is happening this coming Sunday night at Club Sapien.

To congratulate D.W's growth and success over the past season in the local fashion industry, I decided to bring his custom piece D.W for Binzento with me on this trip to show it off on the streets of Chicago and Quad City.
I have personally requested D.W to design a special piece for the blog Binzento Vincente (D.W for Binzento). Designer of D.W, Daryl White have created this jean-vest piece based on the concept showcased at the F/W 2011 Alberta Fashion Week. The thing I liked most about this jean-vest is the quality, especially the studs work and bleached out letters. It added Binzento Vincente's vision of creativity without taking away the unique D.W style.
On me: jean-vest: D.W Design; scarf: Necklush; jeans: Levi's

I will be wearing this piece to an event tonight, which I am quite sure it will be a topic of conversation of the evening. I like to thank Daryl White for his time and creativity. This is definitely a time-less piece for Binzento Vincente and will be made into the blog archive.
D.W designer Daryl White (photo courtesy: Avenue Magazine Calgary Style Stalker)
D.W F/W 2011 Collection AFW (photo courtesy: Numa Blog)

This Sunday's D.W 31:07 event is a side project of D.W to showcase custom/unisex/eco-friendly graphic T-shirts all hand-made from recycled materials. In addition, this event is for a charity and proceeds are donated to The Kids Help Phone.

After mid-west, I will be heading to Orlando and New York City. Stay-tuned for more stylish updates!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Salsa Fest/ Fashionsign Mag


I stopped by the "Sun and Salsa Festival" on Kensington, Calgary past Sunday. Great weather and V-E-R-Y hot! Perfect day to spend some quality time with family and no doubt it was the right timing to enjoy watching dance performances, listening to live music, shopping for goodies and drinking a couple cold beers. With the success of previous "Sun and Salsa", this year's festival had clearly been expanded :-) Glad to see a vast community came out to support local events such as this one.

On the same day, I also did a photoshoot for Fashionsign Magazine. The spread will be in the next fall issue. Thank you Fashionsign for their invitation to be a part of their next magazine feature. It was an amazing experience working with the team. You can follow them on Twitter: @Fashionsignmag or join them on Facebook: for their latest updates. Below is a small preview with my camera. :) 
Outfit: Jalu,  Roberto Cavalli

Outfit: Helmut Lang

Thanks to The Girl With The Messy Hair for snapping them.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Elizabeth Anne - "Purse and Shoes in one"

Here is a concept that might have been in our imagination for a very long time. In fact, it reminded me of scenes from "femme fatale" or female assassin movies where beautiful ladies hide their deadly weapons in their……boots. 
Elizabeth Anne Shoes recently launched a collection where ladies can keep an eye on things closer inside their boots. As curious as it may sound, Elizabeth Anne's "Purse n' Boots" brought the concept of "functional style" to life. 
Designer Elizabeth Anne explained that the idea of "purse inside boots" came up because when she goes out (whether was to a bar or a dance party), she found it inconvenient to carry items in hands. In addition (I bet a lot of us have experienced), things often get lost when you have a few drinks (Just listen to the lyrics and watch Lady GaGa's "Just Dance"). Hence, this inspired her to create a "shoe purse", where you can store personal belongings in places where you know you will never leave behind (well hopefully). The Purse n' Boots two-in-one concept not only can make life easier, the boots themselves looked very sexy AND stylish.
The current designs of these boots, one of them contains card holder slots where you can store photo ID's, credit cards and driver's license and the other contains a pocket for securing a cell-phone and prevent it from being lost.
The boots are made out of genuine leather. Besides the practicality of these boots, another aspect I like about them is that they looked fashionable. The signature Elizabeth Anne Butterfly adds a playful flare to a semi-formal look, making these boots suitable for women of all ages. Although Purse n' Boots have only been launched about 6 months ago, it already caught people and media's attention. Elizabeth Anne said Purse n' Boots will soon be sold at local boutique stores as early as this fall. She is currently taking orders online. For more info about Elizabeth Anne's Purse n' Boots, please visit the website: and also the Facebook page:
Designer of Purse n' Boots: Elizabeth Anne

I like to thank Elizabeth Anne for the brief interview and sharing her lovely ideas.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Adrian Grenier/ Evan Ferrante: Teenage Paparazzo

Have you ever wonder what's the life like as paparazzi? Celebrities may dislike them for their constant harassment and invasion of their privacy, but ironically, paparazzi plays an important role to maintain celebrity statuses. 
The past weekend Teenage Paparazzo was screened at the Glenbow Museum, Calgary. The event was organized by Madflower Creative (Nico Bacigalupo). Teenage Paparazzo is a HBO documentary directed and written by TV show Entarouge star Adrian Grenier and co-produced by Evan Ferrante. Both of them arrived Calgary for the screening event, which followed by a Q&A session and press conference. I attended to both for my Alberta Report segment.
Adrian Grenier and Evan Ferrante during Q&A and press conference

The story follows a 13 year-old teenage boy who became one of the most well known paparazzi in Hollywood. Adrian Grenier in the documentary tries to understand the reason behind society's "celebrity obsession" in perspectives of both paparazzo and celebrity. The idea or concept was no doubt interesting, but personally I found several things that were not clearly addressed. One of them was Adrian's stance on paparazzi. During the film, Adrian began to appreciate the risk and danger paparazzi (the teenage paparazzo: Austin) had to face to make a living, but towards the end of the film, I got the impression that he was trying to change Austin's point of view as a paparazzo. Anyways, not to spoil the whole story, I downloaded the film on iTunes and it was still quite fun to watch. :) You can also read a comprehensive review written by lovely Katrina Olson
with Adrian Grenier; with Evan Ferrante

I liked this colour of Adrian's sneakers

Katrina Olson (My fav photographer and friend); with The Girl With The Messy Hair KD; with Fela Waddy

Kym Crothers and Nico Bacigalupo (Madflower Creative) Special thanks for organizing Teenage Paparazzo event.

After the event, The Girl With The Messy Hair and I hung out a little bit. She also took some photos for me. (Thanks KD!)
On me: Tank: ToTo Rico; Shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch; Jeans: Zara; Boots: Yohji Yamamoto

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Studio Intent Boutique/ NTSA 2011 Final Audition

1) Studio Intent: I recently wrote an article for Calgary Fashion on Studio Intent Boutique. Please click HERE to read the full article. 
Chantal Barchard is the owner of Studio Intent. Her passion and support towards homegrown Canadian fashion designers created awareness to the community and reminded us of the talents we have in Canada. 
Studio Intent is a beautifully decorated intimate space located inside Art Central. 
Top left: owner Chantal Barchard and me

In addition to clothing and accessories, Studio Intent also carries artwork by local artists. In summary, Studio Intent is one of the "homes" for Canadian designers.
My picks at the store: Maison by House of Spy, Mia Melon, Eve Gravel, Colleen Cyca and Slashpile Designs.
On me that day: Hat: H&M; Shirt: Burberry; Pants: Purchased @ Thailand flee market

For more info about Studio Intent Boutique, please visit their website:
They are located at: Art Central at #105, 100 7th Ave S.W.

2) New Talent Singing Awards (NTSA) Calgary Audition 2011: Final Competition: Some readers may recall my May 29th blog entry about the NTSA 2011 semi-final (Click here). Ten finalists were selected to enter the final competition for Calgary audition hosted by Fairchild TV, which just happened last Sunday July 10th. I was very pleased to see all ten of them have improved tremendously over a short period of time on their singing and performing skills. It all brought back memories when I was also in the same competition in 2007, where I worked really hard within a month period to prepare to go on stage. Jonathan Wong, a well known Hong Kong singer/song-writer and dancer flew all the way from Asia to be the special guest performer and guest judge for this year's competition. I also had the opportunity to interview him backstage for Alberta Report. I found him very down-to-earth and humble even with his amazing talents in violin and contemporary dance. In addition to producing Cantonese albums in the Hong Kong music industry, he was recently signed with Avex Trax record label, which is one of the most prestige record companies in Japan. 
Jonathan Wong and me

I was able to find one of his earlier songs in English version called Separate Ways (1+1 in Cantonese) on YouTube: 

(Jonathan Wong) - Separate Ways (1+1 Eng. Version)

The winner of this year's NTSA 2011 was Ethan Wang. He will be representing Calgary, along with winners from Vancouver and Toronto auditions and go back to Hong Kong this fall and compete for the international title. Congratulations Ethan!
Left to right: Best on stage performance: Denny; Runner-up: Kelton; Winner: Ethan; Second runner-up: Andy

Here are other photos I snapped that night:
Left: Justina, Jonathan and me; Right: Jonathan and Fairchild TV live hosts: Ivan, Arian and Rita
Left: contestant Linda during make-up getting ready for show; Middle: NTSA 2010 winners: Justin, Issac, Danny and Jay; Right: contestants Vanessa and Linda

Lastly, ladies! we all know ladies love shoes. In the upcoming blog entry, I may have some good stuff to show :)

**Studio Intent photos: Special thanks to my dearest and most lovely photographer Katrina Olson. She has always been very supportive and professional with her work :) 
Remember, please:

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Will & Kate - Royal Tour 2011 - Calgary Highlights

The past weekend must've been one of the most exciting weekends of the year in Calgary. The Royal Tour 2011, where Prince William and Princess Kate (The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) made their way to Calgary as the final destination to end their 11 days Royal Tour in Canada. Many Calgarians were determined to get a glimpse of the Royalties. They waited for hours couple days prior for wrist bands that allows them to stand in the public viewing pool. There were five major places/events that the Royal Couple had scheduled to attend. I was very fortunate to be able to represent my media network to do coverage for The Royal Tour.

Not to spoil any footage or story for the upcoming show, this blog will only entail the highlights of their tour and of course, the fashion Kate was wearing. :-)
On day 1 of Calgary's visit, William and Kate arrived at the Calgary International Airport by a chopper. William wore a navy suit and red tie, while Kate wore a simple but very elegant yellow dress by Jenny Packham. The couple were presented with a white hat, which they didn't wear right away and were on their way to the medical research facility W21C of The University of Calgary. It was really windy day, Kate literally had to hold her dress the hold time.
It was later revealed that day during the BMO Centre Reception where William and Kate "wowed" the crowd with the signature Calgary's white cowboy hats. They purposely saved it for that moment. They also wore the hats again during day 2 Calgary visit at the Stampede Parade. Personally, I think Prince William and Princess Kate totally pulled-off the western cowboy/girl look. 
The last major outfit Kate wore in Calgary was this beautiful Scarlet Marianne coat-dress by Catherine Walker. William wore similar well tailored suit at the Official Departure Ceremony at Challenger Rotary Park. I like how Kate would wear designs that seemed simple but still could ensemble it gorgeously.
Reporters from around the world did the coverage of The Royal Tour. Some have traveled since Will & Kate arrived in the east-coast. I also met a journalist who also did a story on the Royal Couple's wedding. CTV-eTalk Tanya Kim was standing beside me at the media pool. eTalk has been one of my favourite Canadian entertainment shows.
eTalk Tanya Kim and me

I noted an "army theme" to this year's Stampede Parade event…Probably because The Duke is also in the military. However, I do wish to see more FUN and interesting floats
More soldier pictures at Challenger Rotary Park
The Duke of Cambridge (William) spoke with some of the soilders at Challenger Rotary Park

…and also important people:
Canada Prime Minister: Stepher Harper & Mrs. Laureen Harper; Calgary Mayor: Naheed Nenshi & Mayor Nenshi's sister

The Royal Couple left Calgary this afternoon to LA for 3 more days. It was a busy but memorable weekend. Right now I got a serious sunburn from standing in the sun for hours doing coverage past two days…feeling itchy while typing this blog :-S
Finally, this is totally off-topic. I recently did my bangs up…I haven't seen myself without bangs covering my forehead in years :-P

Photo credits: Vincent Law and Ivan Ho
**Special thanks to my media crew and Ivan Ho for capturing some great photos!

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