Friday, June 10, 2011

We Heart Harajuku

The other day I was reading the summer 2011 issue of V Magazine, which featured Lady Gaga and "The Asian Issue". The pictorial of Gaga reminded me of the times I was at Harajuku in Tokyo, Japan. I would have to say while I was there, I felt Harajuku is one the most dynamic fashion districts in the world. Every Sunday, youngsters would hang out in the district while dressed in their over-the-top fashions and unique styles. Many prominent fashion designs and ideas were inspired by Harujuku. 
Remember at one point, Gwen Stefani and her Harajuku craze…and with her fragrance line "Harajuku Lovers". Below are some street fashion photos taken in Harajuku:
Often, we see styles including Gothic Lolita, Cosplays, Visual Kei and Lolita Maids. Speaking of maids, I spent a day at one of the "maid cafe" in Tokyo. What is a "maid cafe"? the name implies, this is not your typical cafe. Young waitresses dressed in their "maid-attire" and behave like one, which means they will also serve you like you are their master. Sounds rather kinky, but make sure you bring enough $$$, because getting serviced by one of these maids is not cheap. Although the food tastes so-so, all the maids guarantee that their customers will receive the best service they'll ever experience in any restaurant/cafe.
Our maid that day and (Calendar maid of the month): Runoa; Picture of me, Runoa and Andrew; Runoa autograph that says: "Master Binzento" 

Maid we met was named Runoa. Opening a maid cafe is quite a money generating business. Each maid has a line of products like calendars, music CDs, photo albums and even a fan club. Apparently you can also "mark" your maid and have her "serve" you as your waitress every visit. 
Japan is still one of my favourite countries to visit. I admired their ability to create while retaining their cultural identity. It is something we should look up to; to break away from our conservative ideals, and accept individuality. I heart the people in Harajuku and I really miss Japan's mouth watering desserts :-)

I am currently planning a photoshoot and more updates on the blog soon!

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  1. This was a really interesting post! Japan is one of the places I would like to visit the most.

  2. Yes, I love Japan! If you ever go someday, we can plan a trip together and I'll show you around. I really have to say Japan is one of the most fashion forwarded countries in the world. There is almost no boundaries to the creativeness in their styles.