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PARK Sample Sale/ Clinton Kelly in Calgary

This is going to be a long post. :-) Many things were going on during the past weekend (PARK Sample Sale, Clinton Kelly, Comic Expo, My high school reunion, A new T-shirt label launch etc…). I had to rework my schedule a few times in order to squeeze all of those events into one day :-). Okay…PARK Sample Sale was held at the Gerry Thomas Gallery. Four Canadian designers: Caitlin Power, Anne b. Accessories, Paul Hardy and Jalu were showcasing and selling their previous season's items, as well as taking pre-orders for the upcoming season.
(1.) Designer Caitlin Power and me; (2.) Photo courtesy of Caitlin Power

I've been following (1.) Caitlin Power's designs ever since I saw her at the AFW couple years ago. (2.) "Edgy-Elegance" is the term I would use to describe her work. I like the fact that she uses a combination of materials (ie: fabric and leather) in her pieces. Her designs also emphasized the beauty of women's figure. 
(3.) Anne Corpuz-Bacalso and me; (4.) Photo courtesy of Anne b. designs; (5.) Photo by Katrina Olson

Designer (3.) Anne Corpuz-Bacalso of Anne b. Accessories is a newcomer in this city's fashion scene. (4.) The main components of her accessories are made of resins, horns and other natural elements. Two things in particular I like a lot about Anne b. First is that her accessories were made of (5.) natural elements that spills out the taste of natural beauty. Second is knowing these accessories were made from factories in her home country, Philippines. Establishing the factory there provided jobs for people who are in need of money to survive, and in part boost their economy. Anne b. Accessories is beauty with a big heart.
(6. & 7.) Paul Hardy designs; (7.) Photo from: thestar.com

No need to further introduce (6. & 7.) Paul Hardy and I am sure most of us agrees with his talent in fashion designs. He is quite a well established fashion designer in this city with his boutique in Kensington by appointment. Mr. Hardy had been in many fashion shows including Toronto Fashion Week. He was given the review "A star is born" when he showcased his first collection.
(8.) Jalu designer and me; (9.) Photo courtesy of Jalu

Forth designer at the PARK Sample Sale is (8.) Jalu. All of her designs I found (9.) displayed a sense of cultural human behavior and contained a hint of Zen philosophy. It is something that I like to explore further, so I did purchased the Darkhan piece. :-) Below are other pictures I took with people I met during this event:
(10.) Fashion blogger KD (The Girl With The Messy Hair) and me, On me: Detachment Blazer, Virgin Blak pants, Raf Simons Sandals, Chanel Necklace; (11.) Katrina Olson and me; Photos: The Girl With The Messy Hair
(11.) Fashion blogger The Diva Lounge and me; (12.)  Bano & eeMee Creative Director Aleem Arif and me; Photos: Katrina Olson
After the PARK Sample Sale, I went briefly to Telus Convention Centre and listen in to Clinton Kelly, one of the hosts for TLC's popular TV show: What Not To Wear. A red-carpet event, followed by an hour long fashion show showcasing Canadian fashion designers, including eeMee and N.R.T. Fashions, occurred prior to Clinton Kelly's appearance. 
(I.) Clinton Kelly; (II. and III.) Clinton Kelly at Telus Convention Centre; Photos: me

And of course…95% of the audience were women between 25-45. I can see why women likes Clinton. Other than the fact that he gives some good advice on styles, he is also quite a charming person. He claimed that most of the women who were on the shows dressed sloppy either they were "freaks" or "sluts" lol…but what sinked in my mind the most was his quote: ‎"Your beauty is different and that's important...Lose the haters in your life...and embrace your own imperfection" Indeed inspiring to many people. Other photos I took at the event:
(IV.) Gorgeous Studio: Karen Judge
(V.) Loved her style: (VI.) Her shoes: Camilla Skovgaard
(VII.) Ladies that helped models getting ready to go on runway; one of my friends Polly.

I did not stay for the entire thing. Unfortunately, there was another event I need to attend, but I did had fun. :-) Next blog entry, I will talk about Brooks Brothers classic collection.

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