Thursday, June 16, 2011

N.R.T. Fashions (in love with)

I briefly met and chatted with N.R.T. Fashions designer Nicole Rita Tomney today, because I was interested in her collection, which showcased at the AFW 2011 last month. For someone who recently got out of fashion school, she definitely has a lot on her plate. Not only she and her fashion designs were requested for video shoots in Mexico, she is also planning for her next collection designs and also traveling to Eastern Canada along with her inspiration. I admired Nicole's boldness and courage to establish her fashion line in this city. It is my privilege to be able to own one of her designs.
On me: Hoodie: Nicole Rita Tomney (NRT Fashions); 
White tee: American Apparel;
Pants: from a market in Thailand
Black leg covers: My own designs
Shoes: H&M
Photos: Josh Ong

Below are some of other N.R.T. Fashions designs by Nicole I found on the web. Personally, I felt every piece was engineered with a futuristic quality. Most importantly, you can be satisfied with the tamed avant-garde styles crossed-over everyday apparel. 

Alberta Fashion Week 2011
Photos: Emyeric Widling; Courtesy: (Click) View all N.R.T. Fashions photo there.

Vancouver Fashion Week S/S 2011

All eyes on N.R.T. Fashions. I look forward to Nicole's next collection. Like how she told me today that it will for sure surprise all of us!!

I will be heading to Brooks Brothers tomorrow with a consultant to sample their new arrival summer line. Also, Friday I will be shooting at the Comic Con 2011. Will fill you guys in more on details soon. :-)
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  1. love NRT! one of my faves from AFW!

  2. welcome to the blogosphere :) looooves your look <3

  3. Thanks Ania B. Been following your blog. Both yourself and your blog are very stylish indeed. I love it.