Saturday, June 11, 2011

Louis Vuitton-ness

It's been somewhat a "Louis Vuitton over-kill" this month for me. Don't get me wrong, I like Louis-, and I am not complaining. It is just one of those times where certain things keep popping up where ever you go. 
I bought these Louis Vuitton shoes the other day at Holt Renfrew and I actually really liked this blue colour. I was told by one of the sales reps that these shoes weren't selling at their store, and I was the only person who bought them. However, other Louis classics did sell. In my opinion, I think this is another example where this city still pertains in a conservative perspective about fashion. I still haven't got a chance to wear these due to the rainy weather we've been getting here. I will soon though :-).
Another purchase I made this month was this Louis Vuitton inspired artwork. I ordered this painting from a gallery in Köln, Germany. It was by a guy name Tom Harris. I liked the way how the paints are "sliding down", giving a hidden image/or waterfall effect over the multi-colored, signature LV monogram. A number of artists over the years sometimes incorporate Louis Vuitton designs in their masterpieces. Below are a few examples:
A beautiful "LV monogram quiver" by Canadian Cree ancestry artist, Kent Monkman. I saw this piece couple years ago during his exhibition in Calgary and was fascinated by it.
This painting, a pop-art piece inspired by Louis Vuitton and Andy Warhol is by the Japanese artist Takuma Yoshida. This is currently being auction on eBay for $350,000.00.
A creative fashion piece created by students from Parsons designer school. They pretty much tore up expensive Louis Vuitton 2010 S/S garments *cried* into unrecognizable fabric pieces. Subsequently, they reconstructed them into unique and innovative designs.
Now here is a rare find. A 1940's Louis Vuitton porcelain doll. I found this on eBay few weeks ago. These dolls were produced for short periods of time between 1920's and 1940's. They were usually sold in Louis Vuitton boutique stores in Paris.
Shirt on me: H&M

Here I am writing this blog at a Japanese restaurant. I will be meeting with one of my friends tomorrow discussing about an upcoming photoshoot. I like to say "thanks again" to everyone that have been keeping up with my blog post. I am happy with some of the positive feedbacks I've been getting :-). This is a great motivation for me to keep searching for interesting things to talk about.

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  1. can't wait to see those LV blue shoes on you! following u now via bloglovin and google connect! coffee soon~

  2. I'm loving the blue LVs. Perfect for summer and like KD, I want to see them on you soon xx

  3. For sure Diva Lounge. Only if you wear the blue Darmaki with me!! :)

  4. Great post Vincent! I love your blue shoes! When the rain stops and you get a chance to wear then you better snap some photos! :)

  5. Thanks Ashley!
    Are you gals going to PARK presale this Sat?
    Hope to see both of you (and KD) there.