Sunday, June 5, 2011

Interview with Katrina Olson: Anatomoto Art Show

I hope everyone had a great weekend. It's been an alternating sunny and rainy weather here in Calgary, which was much expected, given this city is known to have "weather mood-swings" and sometimes unreliable weather forecast. Anyway, on Friday night I went to my friend Katrina Olson's Anatomoto Art Show, which was held at the 100 Wines by David Walker downtown. I've known Katrina for quite some time now and I just can't live up without taking my opportunity to interview her.
(1.) Katrina is a home-grown Calgarian artist, who found her passion in art/painting long before I know her :-). Her new line of paintings derived from the central theme of combining anatomy+motivation, called Anatomoto,  showcasing 14 pieces of her best work to-date. Inspired by Japanese philosophies and Geisha pop-culture, Anatomoto is a blend of modern Japanese women in well preserved Japanese traditions. (2.) One of the paintings that caught my attention was Chifumi, a young Japanese woman in Geisha make-up, yet a dramatic entrance with a pair of 3D glasses. Katrina told me that this piece was one of her earlier and favourite works, which had caught media attention during her travel to Montreal. Another one of my favourites was the painting on the back of a sculpture (1.). The image that appealed to me was similar to a tattooed woman's back. 

(3. & 4.) Other Geisha portraits exhibited a gentle gesture. To me, they looked animated with realistic and expressive emotions. Each Geisha signifies a spontaneous emotion at the time the portrait was captured. After my interview with Katrina. Many of her interested guests (friends, family and buyers) showed-up. (4.) Stephanie & Karalyn. To match-up with the Japanese cultural theme, delicious sushi from Globefish was catered. Now, since this IS a style blog, I also paid my attention to the people that night :-). 
As for me, I had a single (6.) Anna Sui bunny stud for fun. (7.) Rania wore her YSL heels. (8.) Katrina showed off her Alexander McQueen skull ring. 
And other stylish guests: (9.) Tyler & Mark (10.) Lisa & Paul (11.) Photographer Rania Al-Naimi
(12.) Katrina Olson & Tamer. It was a fun night for sure: minggling with people, wine, sushi, and even (13.) Japanese Pocky snacks as souvenirs! (14.) Band-sound is always a great addition to an artsy evening. And as for me: 
Style of the night: Tops: Attachment (Korea) & American Apparel; Rope belt: Club Monaco; Pants: Unplugged (Korea); Shoes: Adidas 35th Anniversary Captain Tsubasa Edition.

To know more about Katrina Olson's Anatomoto, please visit click here. The link will also tell a better story in Katrina's perspective of her Anatomoto work. In addition, if anyone is interested, she can be contacted and followed on Twitter @katrinaolson. Finally, I like to thank Katrina for this opportunity to allow me post her story in my fashion and style blog. Please feel free to drop me a line or give me any suggestion on the type fashion and style topics you like me to touch base on. My Twitter is @SimplyVincent. Stay-tune for Father's Day special blog :-)

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Updated: October 25th 2011.


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