Friday, June 24, 2011

The Gallery on First Street

I've recently wrote a short article on The Gallery on First Street for the Calgary Fashion
Please click here to read the full article.

The Gallery on First Street is one of the rarer "pop-up" shops in Calgary. The space was meant to provide a more interactive experience with their clients. This store in particular carries both casual and semi-formal men's wear. Although mostly standard styles, I did found a few unique items in the store. This place definitely offers a young and energetic vibe to their audience.
The guys from The Gallery on First Street: Liam, Reid and Aaron

They have also launched a new men's tank line called TOTO RICO (Totally Rich), which prints were designed by Teddy Celebration.
TOTO RICO: Designer Teddy Celebration

The Gallery on First Street carries many labels that I like and they offered them at a very good price. 
I know that on my last post I said I will talk about Brooks Brothers. Unfortunately, I am still working on it. It will be up as soon as it is finished :-)

FINALLY!! the winner of the iPhone4 Agnis b. phone case should receive my email. Congratulation!! Thank you to those who sent in an email.

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