Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fashion, Cosplay, Comics

I received the media notice today that I will be covering a short story about the upcoming Comic Con 2011 (June 17th-19th) in Calgary. I love comics, but not as excited as discovering what people are wearing for their cosplay (short for costume play). Often otaku fans would create their very own cosplay costume, which resembles their favourite comic or manga character. Sometimes I find that over the top couture/avant-garde fashion pieces are really no different than some of the fashion we see in comic books and video games. Below are some fashion designs that gave me an image of the fantasy world in comic books and manga.
These funky designs were by Isabel Mastache from last year. The model in the first photo is wearing the notorious "penis trouser".
Previous Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy exhibition in New York City. As a comparison, here are some character designs from a few of my favourite video games.
Character designs from: Dynasty Warriors 7, Final Fantasy XIII, Granado Espada and Magna Carta II. Unfortunately though, last year I didn't see much cosplay designs at the Comic Con. I am crossing my fingers that this year fans will maximize their creativity and design their one-of-a-kind costume! For now, below are some pictures from last year's Comic Con :-)
(1.) Star Wars costume (2.) One of last year's guest: Peter Facinelli from Twilight (3.) Comic book artist Camilla d'Errico and me (4.) Alex Meraz and me (5.) Batman/Batgirl. Finally, I will be interviewing Hong Kong singer/song-writer Denis Ng tomorrow as well as organizing a Father's Day blog, so stay-tune! Style of the day: Shirt: Abercrombie and Fitch; Cap: from Add Chan

Photos Courtesy: Style Blog, iFanboy, Creative Uncut

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