Monday, June 6, 2011

Daddy deserves pampering too (Father's Day gift ideas)

Many people I know takes Father's Day for granted. I mean, no-offense I feel like it's always over-shadowed by Mother's Day (and in my case it's always true too :-p). For people who wants to buy something special for their Daddies this year (..and kinda tight on budget), here are my three picks:

Why not buy your dad a new fashionable bag/wallet for work/go-out while being environmentally friendly? Matt and Nat, founded by Inder Bedi is a 100% vegan handbag and accessories company. All of their products are made from recycled plastic bottles. Based in Montreal, Canada, these handbags not only feels light, eco friendly, stylish and also very durable. How do I know? Well, I have one of my own :-)
I've been traveling with it quite often: carrying heavy books, use it as a gym bag and even hand-carrying it for flight travels. Wallets and bags range about $40-$300, affordable. I believe these are being sold now at Holt Renfrew Canada or you can always order them from Matt and Nat online store.

PICK #2: DADS CAN LOOK PRETTY- I MEAN "HAND-SOME" TOO: Kiehl's skincare for men
Kiehl's founded by John Kiehl in 1851 New York City provides one of the good skin product lines for men. The formula for these skin products dated back in the 1920's by a pharmacologist Irving Morse. For places that have dry weather such as Calgary. These would make a perfect gift for dads who are ready to look handsome. Products shaving cream, moisturizers, aftershave cream, body cleansers and lip balm. Each product range about $20-$40. These can be purchased either their online store or cosmetic stores.

PICK #3: KNOW YOUR DADDY: The Book of Dad
Spend a night of quality time with your dad; Read a funny book just for laughs! Here is a book ALL ABOUT DADS: The Book of Dad by Paul Barker. This book goes on explaining how we may not know our dads as much as we thought we do. Depending on your dad's occupation, they may behave a certain way, think a certain way and likes certain fashion. It's nothing serious, but some of the things listed in there sounded true enough. I think nothing beats having an one-on-one moment sharing thoughts and feelings with your father…yeah really. Book is $20, you can find it in Chapters.

Well folks, that's my 3 picks this year. Of course, you can always buy your dad a nice dinner :-)

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Happy Father's Day….soon.

some photos: Macys Ad, Matt and Nat, Kiehl's

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