Monday, June 27, 2011

MaNoKin Designs: Cirque du Manique/ Best of Costumes (Comic Expo 2011)

Two events I liked to talk about in this entry: (1.) MaNoKin Designs: Cirque du Manique (2.) Calgary Comic Expo 2011. 

(1.) Saturday night was Calgary based MaNoKin Designs fashion event: Cirque du Manique hosted at Sociale Bar and Grille.
Top left: Reserved table for Calgary Fashion Bloggers :-)
Bottom left: me and Eleven:Eleven store owner Lana
Right: Models and MaNoKin designer Marsina King

The event showcased MaNoKin Designs Fall 2011 collection and a portion of the evening's proceed goes to Japan tsunami relief. Designer of MaNoKin Designs, Marsina King graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto. This is actually my first time taking a closer look at Marsina's designs.
MaNoKin Designs Fall 2011 Collection

This season's collection revealed a mysterious, playful and sexy look. Mysterious because every piece on the runway gave me a surprise. One after another, I was unable to predict what comes next. Playful because Marsina incorporated the concept of XX/XY in her collection. Some of the designs had a taste of unisex-flare to it. Sexy because the designs also emphasized women's sex appeal. Many people showed up that night at the event, including some of our Calgary's favourite fashion bloggers:
Top left: FunFunkyFab
Bottom left: The Diva Lounge :-)
Right: Fashion blogger friend with Calgary Fashion photographer Paul
Left to right: Death by Shoe; Fashionsignmag and Amber Marple; Calgary Fashion Elle 
On me: Tee: Urban Heritage; Pants: Attachment; Coat: Izzue
Glasses: from Japan; Necklace: Primitive; Shoes: Louis Vuitton
Top: me and models for MaNoKin
Bottom: Night view of Fashion Central

Saturday night was a beautiful night. It was perfect to take a snap-shot of the Fashion Central.

(2.) Last week was also the 2011 Calgary Comic Expo. Like I mentioned from one of my previous posts. I was always excited to see the kinds of costume people put on. Below were some of my top picks:
Top row (left to right): Flash; Ghost Rider; Scorpion; Heavy armor knight
Bottom row (left to right): Galactus; Mario Bros; Blackcat; Halo (blue)
Top: Ghostbusters
Bottom: Rima Tohya from Vampire Knights; R2D2 from Star Wars

I was quite happy with the fact that there were more cosplays at the expo this year than the one previous. :-) One more thing that I noticed there were more this year was LEGO booths. 
…and of course, the major guest of honor at the expo: The Star Trek legend: William Shatner.
Me and Dr. Shatner

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Friday, June 24, 2011

The Gallery on First Street

I've recently wrote a short article on The Gallery on First Street for the Calgary Fashion
Please click here to read the full article.

The Gallery on First Street is one of the rarer "pop-up" shops in Calgary. The space was meant to provide a more interactive experience with their clients. This store in particular carries both casual and semi-formal men's wear. Although mostly standard styles, I did found a few unique items in the store. This place definitely offers a young and energetic vibe to their audience.
The guys from The Gallery on First Street: Liam, Reid and Aaron

They have also launched a new men's tank line called TOTO RICO (Totally Rich), which prints were designed by Teddy Celebration.
TOTO RICO: Designer Teddy Celebration

The Gallery on First Street carries many labels that I like and they offered them at a very good price. 
I know that on my last post I said I will talk about Brooks Brothers. Unfortunately, I am still working on it. It will be up as soon as it is finished :-)

FINALLY!! the winner of the iPhone4 Agnis b. phone case should receive my email. Congratulation!! Thank you to those who sent in an email.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

PARK Sample Sale/ Clinton Kelly in Calgary

This is going to be a long post. :-) Many things were going on during the past weekend (PARK Sample Sale, Clinton Kelly, Comic Expo, My high school reunion, A new T-shirt label launch etc…). I had to rework my schedule a few times in order to squeeze all of those events into one day :-). Okay…PARK Sample Sale was held at the Gerry Thomas Gallery. Four Canadian designers: Caitlin Power, Anne b. Accessories, Paul Hardy and Jalu were showcasing and selling their previous season's items, as well as taking pre-orders for the upcoming season.
(1.) Designer Caitlin Power and me; (2.) Photo courtesy of Caitlin Power

I've been following (1.) Caitlin Power's designs ever since I saw her at the AFW couple years ago. (2.) "Edgy-Elegance" is the term I would use to describe her work. I like the fact that she uses a combination of materials (ie: fabric and leather) in her pieces. Her designs also emphasized the beauty of women's figure. 
(3.) Anne Corpuz-Bacalso and me; (4.) Photo courtesy of Anne b. designs; (5.) Photo by Katrina Olson

Designer (3.) Anne Corpuz-Bacalso of Anne b. Accessories is a newcomer in this city's fashion scene. (4.) The main components of her accessories are made of resins, horns and other natural elements. Two things in particular I like a lot about Anne b. First is that her accessories were made of (5.) natural elements that spills out the taste of natural beauty. Second is knowing these accessories were made from factories in her home country, Philippines. Establishing the factory there provided jobs for people who are in need of money to survive, and in part boost their economy. Anne b. Accessories is beauty with a big heart.
(6. & 7.) Paul Hardy designs; (7.) Photo from:

No need to further introduce (6. & 7.) Paul Hardy and I am sure most of us agrees with his talent in fashion designs. He is quite a well established fashion designer in this city with his boutique in Kensington by appointment. Mr. Hardy had been in many fashion shows including Toronto Fashion Week. He was given the review "A star is born" when he showcased his first collection.
(8.) Jalu designer and me; (9.) Photo courtesy of Jalu

Forth designer at the PARK Sample Sale is (8.) Jalu. All of her designs I found (9.) displayed a sense of cultural human behavior and contained a hint of Zen philosophy. It is something that I like to explore further, so I did purchased the Darkhan piece. :-) Below are other pictures I took with people I met during this event:
(10.) Fashion blogger KD (The Girl With The Messy Hair) and me, On me: Detachment Blazer, Virgin Blak pants, Raf Simons Sandals, Chanel Necklace; (11.) Katrina Olson and me; Photos: The Girl With The Messy Hair
(11.) Fashion blogger The Diva Lounge and me; (12.)  Bano & eeMee Creative Director Aleem Arif and me; Photos: Katrina Olson
After the PARK Sample Sale, I went briefly to Telus Convention Centre and listen in to Clinton Kelly, one of the hosts for TLC's popular TV show: What Not To Wear. A red-carpet event, followed by an hour long fashion show showcasing Canadian fashion designers, including eeMee and N.R.T. Fashions, occurred prior to Clinton Kelly's appearance. 
(I.) Clinton Kelly; (II. and III.) Clinton Kelly at Telus Convention Centre; Photos: me

And of course…95% of the audience were women between 25-45. I can see why women likes Clinton. Other than the fact that he gives some good advice on styles, he is also quite a charming person. He claimed that most of the women who were on the shows dressed sloppy either they were "freaks" or "sluts" lol…but what sinked in my mind the most was his quote: ‎"Your beauty is different and that's important...Lose the haters in your life...and embrace your own imperfection" Indeed inspiring to many people. Other photos I took at the event:
(IV.) Gorgeous Studio: Karen Judge
(V.) Loved her style: (VI.) Her shoes: Camilla Skovgaard
(VII.) Ladies that helped models getting ready to go on runway; one of my friends Polly.

I did not stay for the entire thing. Unfortunately, there was another event I need to attend, but I did had fun. :-) Next blog entry, I will talk about Brooks Brothers classic collection.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

N.R.T. Fashions (in love with)

I briefly met and chatted with N.R.T. Fashions designer Nicole Rita Tomney today, because I was interested in her collection, which showcased at the AFW 2011 last month. For someone who recently got out of fashion school, she definitely has a lot on her plate. Not only she and her fashion designs were requested for video shoots in Mexico, she is also planning for her next collection designs and also traveling to Eastern Canada along with her inspiration. I admired Nicole's boldness and courage to establish her fashion line in this city. It is my privilege to be able to own one of her designs.
On me: Hoodie: Nicole Rita Tomney (NRT Fashions); 
White tee: American Apparel;
Pants: from a market in Thailand
Black leg covers: My own designs
Shoes: H&M
Photos: Josh Ong

Below are some of other N.R.T. Fashions designs by Nicole I found on the web. Personally, I felt every piece was engineered with a futuristic quality. Most importantly, you can be satisfied with the tamed avant-garde styles crossed-over everyday apparel. 

Alberta Fashion Week 2011
Photos: Emyeric Widling; Courtesy: (Click) View all N.R.T. Fashions photo there.

Vancouver Fashion Week S/S 2011

All eyes on N.R.T. Fashions. I look forward to Nicole's next collection. Like how she told me today that it will for sure surprise all of us!!

I will be heading to Brooks Brothers tomorrow with a consultant to sample their new arrival summer line. Also, Friday I will be shooting at the Comic Con 2011. Will fill you guys in more on details soon. :-)
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Ever since this blog started on May 26th 2011, Binzento Vincente reached 1000 page views! As a first time blogger, this is such a honour to know people enjoyed reading this blog. Big THANK YOU to all the supporters out there!

As a token of appreciation to viewers who gave me wonderful and priceless advice, Binzento Vincente is going to do his very first giveaway! I have decided to give out a BRAND NEW Agnis b. Paris iPhone4 case as my way to say "Thank you". All you have to do is send an email to and states that this is for the Binzento Vincente giveaway. I will do a draw from the email submissions a week from today June 21st. Winner will receive my reply to his/her email, and we'll subsequently arrange how to claim the item from there!! Once again, THANK YOU ALL, and please your comments and feedbacks are important~ Twitter: @SimplyVincent and 微博: @BinzentoVincente 

Below are pics of the Agnis b. Paris iPhone4 case :) You can click to enlarge.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Louis Vuitton-ness

It's been somewhat a "Louis Vuitton over-kill" this month for me. Don't get me wrong, I like Louis-, and I am not complaining. It is just one of those times where certain things keep popping up where ever you go. 
I bought these Louis Vuitton shoes the other day at Holt Renfrew and I actually really liked this blue colour. I was told by one of the sales reps that these shoes weren't selling at their store, and I was the only person who bought them. However, other Louis classics did sell. In my opinion, I think this is another example where this city still pertains in a conservative perspective about fashion. I still haven't got a chance to wear these due to the rainy weather we've been getting here. I will soon though :-).
Another purchase I made this month was this Louis Vuitton inspired artwork. I ordered this painting from a gallery in Köln, Germany. It was by a guy name Tom Harris. I liked the way how the paints are "sliding down", giving a hidden image/or waterfall effect over the multi-colored, signature LV monogram. A number of artists over the years sometimes incorporate Louis Vuitton designs in their masterpieces. Below are a few examples:
A beautiful "LV monogram quiver" by Canadian Cree ancestry artist, Kent Monkman. I saw this piece couple years ago during his exhibition in Calgary and was fascinated by it.
This painting, a pop-art piece inspired by Louis Vuitton and Andy Warhol is by the Japanese artist Takuma Yoshida. This is currently being auction on eBay for $350,000.00.
A creative fashion piece created by students from Parsons designer school. They pretty much tore up expensive Louis Vuitton 2010 S/S garments *cried* into unrecognizable fabric pieces. Subsequently, they reconstructed them into unique and innovative designs.
Now here is a rare find. A 1940's Louis Vuitton porcelain doll. I found this on eBay few weeks ago. These dolls were produced for short periods of time between 1920's and 1940's. They were usually sold in Louis Vuitton boutique stores in Paris.
Shirt on me: H&M

Here I am writing this blog at a Japanese restaurant. I will be meeting with one of my friends tomorrow discussing about an upcoming photoshoot. I like to say "thanks again" to everyone that have been keeping up with my blog post. I am happy with some of the positive feedbacks I've been getting :-). This is a great motivation for me to keep searching for interesting things to talk about.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

We Heart Harajuku

The other day I was reading the summer 2011 issue of V Magazine, which featured Lady Gaga and "The Asian Issue". The pictorial of Gaga reminded me of the times I was at Harajuku in Tokyo, Japan. I would have to say while I was there, I felt Harajuku is one the most dynamic fashion districts in the world. Every Sunday, youngsters would hang out in the district while dressed in their over-the-top fashions and unique styles. Many prominent fashion designs and ideas were inspired by Harujuku. 
Remember at one point, Gwen Stefani and her Harajuku craze…and with her fragrance line "Harajuku Lovers". Below are some street fashion photos taken in Harajuku:
Often, we see styles including Gothic Lolita, Cosplays, Visual Kei and Lolita Maids. Speaking of maids, I spent a day at one of the "maid cafe" in Tokyo. What is a "maid cafe"? the name implies, this is not your typical cafe. Young waitresses dressed in their "maid-attire" and behave like one, which means they will also serve you like you are their master. Sounds rather kinky, but make sure you bring enough $$$, because getting serviced by one of these maids is not cheap. Although the food tastes so-so, all the maids guarantee that their customers will receive the best service they'll ever experience in any restaurant/cafe.
Our maid that day and (Calendar maid of the month): Runoa; Picture of me, Runoa and Andrew; Runoa autograph that says: "Master Binzento" 

Maid we met was named Runoa. Opening a maid cafe is quite a money generating business. Each maid has a line of products like calendars, music CDs, photo albums and even a fan club. Apparently you can also "mark" your maid and have her "serve" you as your waitress every visit. 
Japan is still one of my favourite countries to visit. I admired their ability to create while retaining their cultural identity. It is something we should look up to; to break away from our conservative ideals, and accept individuality. I heart the people in Harajuku and I really miss Japan's mouth watering desserts :-)

I am currently planning a photoshoot and more updates on the blog soon!

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Photo Courtesy: TokyoFashion, Tokyoblog, JapaneseHarajukuFashion, Topmenhairstyle