Thursday, May 26, 2011

First blog entry: An Intro to the blogging world

After talking to a bunch of fashion-loving friends here and there, and during a local fashion week, I've decided to start my very own fashion blog. Blogging is somewhat a new concept to me, and I am going to be blunt about this: I am not sure if I will update as often as I want. However, one thing I do feel certain about myself is my passion towards fashion.

I was always the judgemental 3-year old who would turn my head side ways when I see a fellow ex-kindergarten classmate dressed sloppy to school, even if we were wearing school uniforms at the time. My grade school teacher would ask my parents to dispatch me to art institution occasionally during parent teacher interview, discovering that I have a natural talent in art and fabric. However, as it turns out, I gave up on what I am good at and went for something I felt more practical as a career and enjoy doing at the time: cancer research. So you may ask, "what do a science geek know about fashion?" To be honest, it is about my personal intuition. Not every luxurious fabric makes anyone beautiful, where beauty is a subjective matter. My belief is that it is important to discover your personal identity in style and character that could display your confidence towards the audience; showing that you are comfortable with what you are wearing.

Over the years, I began to have resentment not pursuing my talent. In fact, I would spend most of my time outside my research work to "study" other people's fashion designs. The purpose of this blog is to provide myself a humble memoir of all the fashion inspiration I experience in my life time. I also hope that anyone who come across reading this blog would feel the colours I sensed at the time I am writing. As I mentioned, I am a blogging newbie, please don't hesitate to write me any suggestion you may have (email..twitter etc).

-I am happy you finished reading (some may call it) one the most wordiest blog entry- I've said enough, until then, I wish you will enjoy reading my coming posts.


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