Sunday, May 29, 2011

Backstage to NTSA

New Talent Singing Awards (NTSA) is an international singing competition searching for new music talents for the Asian music industry. The winner from each representing city around the world will be sent to Hong Kong for the final competition. There are three audition cities held every year here in Canada, which are Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto. This is my 4th year as one of the hosts (along with fm94.7 DJ Arian and Yuk Fung) hosting the semi-final for the Calgary audition. Instead of searching boutiques for clothing, we wanted to do something a little different with our wardrobe this year and decided to each design our own clothes for the first part of the night. 
(1.) For myself, I've designed an "Owl Shirt" piece, which had taken me quite a bit of time. We had MC rehearsal during the day of the competition. (2.) I was surprised to see my name on the blackboard, a "welcome" sign, as I entered the backstage (^-^)/ or…it could've been something else. (3.) Yuk Fung wore his lovely Jeremy Scott "Bear" Adidas to work today, which caught a lot co-workers' attention. It almost seemed like the bears could say "hi" to you when you look at them. (4.) After a brief rehearsal then it was time to prepare our show for the night.
(5.&6.) Though I never had to chance to actually put on the "Owl Shirt" until minutes before going on stage, it actually turned out fine. I was grateful to hear positive comments about my piece. 
For the 2nd part of the night, we wanted to have a hot retro-color theme. (7.) I wore a vintage Gianni Versace multi-print shirt with Brotherhood jeans and a pair of Jeremy Scott "Three-tongues" Adidas. (8.) Arian looking great in her sassy retro multi-color print one-piece dress. (9.) Also Yuk Fung in his full fledged Tommy Hilfiger attire. Ten finalists are selected to enter a final Calgary audition round, which will be at Jack Singer Concert Hall on July 10th. This year we have the new Hong Kong Canto-pop sensation, Jonathan Wong as our special guest with musical performance. 
Everyone including the top ten finalists tonight all deserved a round of applause. All ten finalists will be given music and dance training for the next month to prepare for the July 10th competition.

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